Flag of Brunei

Flag of Brunei
Country Brunei
Population 452,524 (2023)
Area (Km²) 5,270
Сontinent Asia
Emoji 🇧🇳
  hex rgb
#FCE300 252, 227, 0
#FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
#000000 0, 0, 0
#EF3340 239, 51, 64

The flag of Brunei has a regular rectangular shape. The length of the flag is twice its width. The main color of the flag of Brunei is light yellow. From top to bottom and from left to right, the flag is crossed by two adjacent stripes, the upper part of which is white and the lower part is black. In the center of the flag of Brunei is the national emblem, made in red and gold.

National emblem of Brunei Darussalam

The national emblem of Brunei Darussalam was created in 1921 but officially adopted in 1940.
It consists of five main elements:

  • a flag in the shape of a dovetailed swallowtail;
  • the royal umbrella - symbolizing the monarchy;
  • wings of four feathers represent the values of justice, tranquility, prosperity and peace;
  • the crescent symbolizes Islam, the state religion of Brunei;
  • two arms raised in the air symbolize the government's commitment to preserve and promote the welfare of citizens and protect the people. 

Below the crescent is a ribbon with Arabic inscriptions that translate as "The State of Brunei, the Abode of Peace". The motto of Brunei - "Always in service under God's guidance" - is also reflected in the coat of arms. The yellow color used in the coat of arms is the traditional color of royalty in Southeast Asia. The black and white stripes represent Brunei's two chief ministers, who advise the sultan and act as regents when he is unable to rule, and the yellow stripe represents the sultan. In general, the Brunei coat of arms reflects the Islamic faith, royalty and benevolence of the government.

History of the Brunei flag. How did it change during its existence? 

History of the Brunei flag. How did it change during its existence? 

The national flag of Brunei was adopted in 1959 and is a symbol of both the country and the Sultan who rules it. It has remained stable over the years despite changes in the national government. Brunei is one of the few countries that gained full political independence from the British Empire without changing its flag. This flag has been used since the country's independence on January 1, 1984. Prior to that, starting in 1906 and until the current flag was adopted, a similar flag was used, but without the coat of arms. It was yellow with black and white stripes symbolizing the two ministers of the country. The very first flag in Brunei before 1906 was a plain yellow flag symbolizing the Sultan.