Flag of Guatemala

Flag of Guatemala
Country Guatemala
Population 18,092,026 (2023)
Area (Km²) 107,160
Сontinent North America
Emoji 🇬🇹
  hex rgb
#4997D0 73, 151, 208
#FFFFFF 255, 255, 255

The flag of Guatemala is a vertical blue-white-blue tricolor with the national emblem in the center of the white stripe.

Meaning of the flag of Guatemala

  • Two blue stripes mean that the country is located between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans;
  • the white stripe symbolizes peace;
  • The national emblem symbolizes the state and its sovereignty.

The flag design reflects the aspirations of the nation, the cultural heritage and unity of the Guatemalan people.

The coat of arms of Guatemala

The coat of arms of Guatemala consists of:

  • Olive branches symbolizing victory;
  • The Quetzal bird, the national symbol and currency of Guatemala;
  • A scroll with the date of independence from Spain;
  • Two crossed swords symbolize honor;
  • Two crossed rifles indicate the readiness of the people to defend their country.

History of the flag of Guatemala

The Spanish Empire ruled the Kingdom of Guatemala from 1609 to 1821. The local flag at that time was a burgundy cross. After a brief rule by Mexico (1821-1833), the provinces of Central America united into a federation. The national symbol of Guatemala, the quetzal bird, first appeared on the flag of Los Altos in 1838. Subsequently, the national flag and coat of arms were raised in various forms. By 1840, political conflicts between liberals and conservatives sparked a civil war that led to the breakup of five countries. As a result, on November 14, 1843, Guatemala unfurled a new flag with volcanoes on the Guatemalan coat of arms.

History of the flag of Guatemala

Until 1851, when a pro-Spanish faction came to power, Guatemala's flag was the flag of the Federal Republic of Central America. Then it was changed to include the Spanish colors of yellow and red. Only in 1871 was the modern standard flag of Guatemala introduced. The original colors were restored on August 17, 1871. However, to distinguish it from other flags, they were made in the form of vertical stripes rather than horizontal ones.