Flag of Gibraltar

Flag of Gibraltar
Country Gibraltar
Population 33 140 (2014)
Area (Km²) 6,8
Сontinent Europe
Emoji 🇬🇮
  hex rgb
#DA000C 218, 0, 12
#F8D80E 248, 216, 14
#FFFFFF 255, 255, 255

The flag of Gibraltar consists of two horizontal stripes - white (upper, double width) and red, in the center of the white stripe is a red castle with three towers. The castle has two tiers, and each of the towers has a door and a window. A golden key hangs on the castle gate, which is located in the center of the red stripe. The flag of Gibraltar is an elongated version of the coat of arms of Gibraltar, which was first adopted as the official sign of the country by order of Queen Isabella of Castile on July 10, 1502. The modern version of the Gibraltar flag was officially approved on November 8, 1982.

What does the flag of Gibraltar mean?

  • The white color symbolizes peace and honesty;
  • the red color symbolizes the revolutionary spirit, courage, strength, valor and endurance shown in the struggle for independence; 
  • the castle symbolizes Gibraltar as a fortress; 
  • the key represents the strategic position of Gibraltar at the gateway to the Mediterranean Sea. 

Most people mistakenly believe that the castle is Moorish. The castle on the flag represents Castile. The flag of Castile La Mancha was red and white with a golden castle on the red sector. This is the flag of Queen Isabella. She simply flipped the flag over so that the white was on top and the red was on the bottom. Then she placed her castle on the red spot, and the golden key hung on the castle gate. This key is the only thing that relates to Gibraltar, as it used to be considered the key to Spain, as well as to the Atlantic and Mediterranean seas.

The history of the Gibraltar coat of arms

In 1869, a letter was sent to all British colonies asking them to send the Colonial Office an image of a coat of arms or badge to be used by the governors for the Union Jack center.  At least eleven designs were to be submitted. On September 28, 1926, the late Sir Charles Monroe, Governor of Gibraltar, proposed that the coat of arms provided by Fernando and Isabella should rightfully be the true, correct and ancient coat of arms of Gibraltar, and that the motto "Montis Insignia Calpe", which literally means "The Mountain named Calpe", should also be part of the coat of arms. This could be done without a royal warrant, but only if a certified and accurate copy of the Spanish grant of Fernando and Isabella from 1502 was obtained.  After receiving such a copy, the coat of arms was approved.